The Oudin Dynasty of French Watchmakers




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Toward the end of the 18th century, three members of the Oudin family played an essential role in the development of French horology.

Charles Oudin the elder (Charles Oudin père) collaborated closely with Breguet on the “perpétuelle” watches that made Breguet’s reputation. He also made one of the earliest carriage clocks. His son Jean-Charles invented the first and only equation of time device that could be fitted to Breguet’s famous “souscription” watches. As for his cousin Joseph Oudin, he made beautiful “perpétuelle” and high-precision watches with lever escapements such as only the best watchmakers dared to use.

The Oudin dynasty became renowned as watchmakers to the French Navy, the Pope, and the principal European Royal courts. Their most famous customers were the Earl of Chambord, pretender to the throne of France, Empress Josephine, Empress Eugénie, and Napoleon III.